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Advantages of Automatic Folding Glass Doors

If you need to replace your commercial doors or if you are building a new site for your business, take the time to look at the variety of doors you may choose from. Not all areas are appropriate for Swing or Sliding doors. If space is important to you, remember that swing doors require swing clearance and sliding doors require a side clearance or walls into which the doors can slide. If space is limited, if your business entrance is on the corner of a building or if you need the doors to divide a hallway, sliding or swing doors may not be appropriate. Automatic Folding Glass Doors might be your best option. Let’s look at the advantages of this kind of door:

 Fogged Glass Folding Door

• They have all the conveniences of automatic doors

o They save on energy bills because they open and close automatically.
o The no-hands feature allows delivery men, employees and customers alike to enter when they have their hands full.
o They are handicap accessible.
o They avoid traffic issues during high traffic times.
o They can be programed to open in different ways and speeds
o They have automatic and programmable safety features

• They have the features of glass doors

o Let in light, saving more energy
o People are attracted to what’s inside

• They require less clearance than swing or sliding doors.
• They offer a wide opening for delivery of large items.
• They have less components, thus offering a lower maintenance cost.

 Automatic Folding Doors for Storefronts

If you want to have these or other automatic doors installed, be sure to get in touch with a door company that has has a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau.

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