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Advantages of Automatic Swing Doors

Swing doors are the least expensive of the automatic doors to install. This is because you can use your existing doors and just automate them by installing automatic door operators and some push buttons. The advantages for having automated doors over manual doors are several.

8100 Swing Series by record• They save on energy bills because they don’t use a lot of energy to operate and they close automatically to prevent heat or cool air from escaping unnecessarily.
• They are handicap accessible.
• They can be programed to open and close at different speeds.
• They have automatic and programmable safety features.
• The operators are compatible with a variety of doors.
• You can choose to have the hands free sensors installed to allow delivery men, employees and customers alike to enter without help when their hands are occupied.

If you are interested in installing door operators on one or more swing doors and happen to be located in the Denver metro area, then why not let The Door Doctors assist you? We install swing door operators. We also sell, install, repair or maintain both manual and automatic doors. We build storefronts and vestibules to order. Whatever your business entry needs are, we have the experience to do the job. We have also maintained an A+ rating with the Denver Business Bureau. If you have questions or would like a Free Estimate, there is a variety of ways to get a hold of us. You can call us at (303) 408-2702. You can click on the ribbon below. You can also email us.