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Automatic Commercial Door Options

There are many different types of automatic commercial doors.

Your doors, their appearance and function, are the first impression that people will get of your  business. So whether you are a planning a new building or remodeling an existing one, you will want to give some consideration to which type of doors best represent your business. People are attracted to storefronts that look nice and up-to-date.

Many retailers choose automatic doors, which are equiped with sensors that open the doors when someone approaches them, because with these doors they don't have to worry about customers neglecting to close them. This can be a huge energy saver.  But clients, who may have their hands full with brief cases, boxes or even kids in wagons, appreciate them too. And since no one needs to squeeze by the person holding the door, they get traffic through quickly during rush hours.  And... they are attractive.

Here are some automatic door types you might consider:

Swing Doors

Automatic swing doors swing like manual doors do, but they do so automatically when someone approaches them. They can swing in or out depending on the type of door installed and how they are programmed. More Information

Folding Doors

Folding doors are great for businesses with crowded or narrow entrances. They fold in the middle, requiring less swing clearance, leaving your entrance looking neat and tidy. These are also fully automated and have all the great features other automatic doors have. More information 

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors slide open sideways either over a panel or into a recessed alcove. They don't require swing clearance and are therefore appreciated in businesses where space is limited. These doors are typically seen at large retailer stores. Like swing doors they have sensors that open the doors when a person approaches. More Information

Revolving Doors

If you want something classy, while also controlling temperatures in your business, as well as the cost of doing so, you can choose automatic revolving doors. These doors spin continuously, so your clients who might have their hands full don't have to push. Like manual revolving doors, they are always open yet always closed, keeping draft, dust and noise out.  More Information

Handicap Doors

Handicap doors can be opened manually and automatically. A handicapped person pushes a plate with a handicap sign on it, typically located near the door,  for it to open automatically. Or, he or she can install sensor openers that require only a wave of tha hand. Others guests can open the door manually. More Information

If you decide to have an automatic door installed at your business, it’s important to find a competent installer and one who can also do repairs. Like all electronic items, these doors occasionally require maintenance. If you live in the Denver metro area, The Door Doctors is your one stop shop for everything related to commercial doors. We install and repair all types of automatic and manual commercial doors.

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