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Advantages of Automatic Sliding Glass Doors

Automatic glass sliding doors are classy, whether they are a part of your storefront, or whether they are used inside your business. If you are a practical person, you might not think that is a good enough reason to install them; after all, is it really worth the money? Actually, once you realize how practical these doors are you might wonder “Why not install them now?” Let’s look at the advantages automatic sliding door offer:

•    They lower heating and air conditioning bills! People routinely leave doors open, especially if they are carrying stuff in their hands, or trying to hold the door with one hand and push a baby carriage through with the other. Or the door doesn’t latch shut. Automatic sliding doors open, let’s your client out, and closes all the way. This conserves both your and our countries resources.
•    They lower light bills! Because glass lets light into your business freely, you won’t need to have your lights on unless it’s dark outside, conserving more resources.
•    They let traffic through efficiently during high traffic hours. No more bottlenecks as people try to get around the person holding the door or as the door slams shut just as someone wanted to go in. Doors stay open as long as people are coming allowing them to move faster, and close as soon as the traffic stops.
•    They are convenient for everyone. They can be programed in all sorts of ways and they have remote controls, so the program can be changed from the manager’s office. They are also convenient for the delivery man who may be carrying large packages or pushing stuff on carts. They are convenient for the customers or employees who may be carrying children or packages.
•    They make your business accessible to the disabled or elderly. If your business is near a retirement community your clients may be disabled or elderly and unable to open heavy commercial doors.
•    They save space. Sliding doors don’t require swing clearance making them very attractive in smaller spaces, and because they are glass, they also give the appearance of more space.
•    They are larger than swing doors. These doors may be up to 10 feet high and open 40 feet wide. This makes it possible to bring large items through.
•    They are safe. Automatic doors have many safety features. For a list of all the safety and other practical features sliding glass doors may have, please click on Products, scroll down to the power door systems and click on record-USA’s 5100 and 5200 series.
•    They are secure. Automatic glass doors are generally made from either tempered or laminated glass. Both are 4 to 5 times stronger than regular glass and, if they do break, both will break into small rounded pieces. Laminated glass contains one or more layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), between its two or more layers of glass, which holds the glass together even when it is broken. Consequently these doors are not easily broken and if they do break, the glass is rendered quite harmless.
•    Automatic glass sliding doors are attractive. They are inviting, because of the transparency and light, they are sophisticated and they give the impression of a reputable, efficient, and trustworthy business.

While the picture below depicts manual sliding doors, they illustrate how attractive sliding doors are in general, and how they can save space when they open into a small area.

Manual Sliding Doors by record

When potential customers feel good about a business, they will want to do business with them! When their entrance is inviting, and the doors just magically open when they stand outside wondering if they should go in, chances are they will go in.

If you decide that automatic sliding glass doors are just what your business needs, be sure to contact a reputable company that not only can answer your questions but one that has a high rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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