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Types of Commercial Door Closers

Door closers are mechanisms used on manual doors that prevent doors from slamming and at the same time ensure that the doors will close all the way and snap shut. Some of them can also be used to hold the door open. There are three main types of commercial closers. They include door mounted closers, ground closers, and overhead closers.

Door Mounted Closers

With a door mounted closer, the majority of the closer is attached near the top of the door. The closer has an arm that is attached to the door’s frame. This arm opens the door and controls the rate at which the door closes. Many of these arms can be adjusted so that the door opens and closes at a certain rate. Some of these closers can be adjusted to open in one or both directions.

Ground Closers

The main part of ground closers are mounted in the ground instead of on the door. A small arm or a plate connects the door to the closer. These closers are not as heavy duty as the larger door mounted closers, but they are unobtrusive.

Overhead Closers

Overhead closers are like ground closers in that they are not very visible, but they fit into the frame above the door. With these a plate typically attaches to the door, and an arm connects the plate to the closer. These closers can also be adjusted to open the door at different rates.

How to choose a door closer suitable for your business

Different closers work for different situations. You will want to consider the type of traffic which will pass through your doors. Will the traffic that your business attracts require a heavy duty closer? Will you need for the doors to open both ways? Will you need the door to stay open by itself sometimes? Generally, closers that can stay open will do so if you push it all the way open.

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