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Types of Commercial Door Hardware

Commercial doors have a few common hardware components, though most doors don’t have all of them. You should know what components you have on your doors and a little about them so you can talk intelligently with your door technician in the event of damage.

Hinges and Pulls
Doors that swing open will generally have hinges or pivots. Repeated use put them under stress, causing them to wear and eventually break. Consequently businesses, which generally use heavier doors, will often use continuous hinges, especially in windy areas, because they are much more durable. Pulls is just jargon for door handles. While some doors only have push plates, most manual doors have some sort of pull, lever, bar, or knob to pull, push and unlatch doors.

Locks, Kick Plates and Stops
Commercial doors, especially exterior ones, will also have some kind of lock to secure the building. Many heavy commercial doors, have kick plates along the bottoms to protect the door from scratches and scuffs. Some commercial doors also come with door stops that stop the door before they hit the wall. They can be attached to the door, the wall, or the floor.

Sensors and Push Button Openers
Automatic doors often include sensors. These are typically motion activated, and will open the door when someone approaches. Handicap doors are opened by the push of a button. Other automatic doors, such as at grocery stores, have their buttons in the ground and are activated when someone walks on them.

In addition to hinges, many manual doors, and some automatic doors, have closers. They are often installed above the door but can also be installed in the floor. Closers control the rate at which the door closes. Rather than risking that the door slams shut and possibly causing injury, the closer ensures quiet and safe closures.

Garage Doors
Commercial garage doors have a wide variety of parts including motors, springs, cable drums, weather stripping, and more. If you need a garage door or if your garage door needs repairing, its best to contact a certified technician.

Whether you need a manual or automatic door repaired, The Door Doctors can help. We stock many replacement parts, and can fix your doors quickly and easily. We sell, install, repair or maintain a wide variety of commercial doors.

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