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Commercial Door Maintenance

Doors are about security for the company, but they also need to be safe for your employees and customers. It makes sense then to set some time aside every so often to ensure that all of your doors and locks are working properly. How much maintenance a door needs depends on the door. Typically, the more a door does for you, the more care it needs. Doors need to be inspected and cleaned periodically. Some doors need to be lubricated. Automatic doors should be inspected on a regular basis by a qualified technician.

Inspecting Your Doors

On manual doors, you will want to check the hinges and the hardware to ensure that nothing is rattling or coming loose and that everything is generally working the way it is supposed to. Check the closers. Commercial doors are often heavy. You don’t want the door to be difficult to open or close and you neither want it to close too slowly nor too quickly.
For automatic doors, you will want to make sure that the sensors are working properly and, again, that the doors don’t open too slowly or too quickly. The doors should open and close smoothly without catching or making strange noises. If anything appears to be out of the ordinary, a professional door technician can help.
If any of your doors need attention, a commercial door repair company can help you.

Cleaning Your Doors

Not only do your customers judge your business by the way you maintain your business property, it’s also important to clean your doors every few months to ensure that dirt does not get into the hinges, bearings, and other mechanisms on your door. Metal doors are quite easy to clean. Dilute some detergent with water and use a stiff brush or large scrub sponge to scrub the door clean. Then rinse the door with water. Glass doors are most effectively cleaned with a commercial glass cleaner containing ammonia, applied and polished with a soft, clean cloth.

Lubricate Your Doors

I think this would be better:  Some doors have parts like hinges and bearings that need to be lubricated periodically.  It is important to use a lubricant specifically designated for your door needs; incorrect lubricants may cause additional problems.  

Find a Good Technician  

In order to properly maintain your commercial doors, you will want to create a relationship with a local door repair company. You simply cannot go wrong with The Door Doctor. We can sell, install, repair or maintain all types of commercial doors, and our experienced technicians are ready to help you with any commercial door maintenance needs that you may have.

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