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Common Commercial Door Problems

Commercial doors are built to be strong and durable, but parts can still break from time to time.

Below are some common problems commercial doors may have and some suggested solutions.

  • Broken Door Pivot: Door pivots typically installed on a glass aluminum commercial door are prone to fail over time due to high use, misuse, high winds or the pivot wasn't strong enough for the weight of the door. We recommend that the pivots are replaced by matching, heavy duty continuous hinges that are rated for 25 million cycles, and which will cover the hinge point holes left by the broken pivots.
  • Door Closer Leaks Oil: Replace the commercial door closer. 
  • Door Drags or Hits Frame: Either the door needs to be adjusted to fit the doorway correctly or it can be rehung. Sometimes the door needs to be shaved down. When the concrete below the door expands due to dramatic changes in temperature or poor soil conditions, the bottom of the door must be shaved. And yes, this can even be done with aluminum and steel doors.
  • Cold Air Entering: Replace the weather stripping with one that seals better and is designed to withstand heavy pedestrian use and abuse.
  • Problems with Locks, Handles, Panic Devices, and Vertical Rod Systems: These can be taken apart, adjusted, lubricated, and fine-tuned. Sometimes they need to be replaced. Entrances can also be rekeyed.
  • Automatic Doors: These doors have a lot of advantages that enhance businesses. But they, too, occasionally malfunction. When this occurs, call an experienced technician to fix it.
  • Glass Doors: Glass doors are made very strong and don't often break. Still, if a lawnmower throws a rock that hits the door, it can shatter the glass. A door technician can replace it.

When you own a business, it’s important to be able to rely on your doors to (1) make a good impression, (2) keep the premises secure and (3) not compromise your customers' safety (by, for example, closing too fast).

In general commercial doors are durable and secure. They will often last for years without any problems. However, sometimes problems do occur. When that happens, companies that install these doors will generally also repair them. So, after you’ve had your commercial doors installed, be sure to keep the company’s contact information in case you need their repair services in the future.

If your installer does not do repairs, or if you no longer have your installer’s information, you can look online for a qualified repair company. Keep this information on hand so that if a problem occurs, you can get help quickly.

The Door Doctors continues to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We sell, install, repair and maintain commercial doors and door hardware. We generally have quick and easy solutions for all kinds of door problems. If you have a commercial door problem we can fix it. 

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