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Types of Commercial Glass Doors

Many businesses choose glass doors for their entryways because they are attractive and they attract people to what’s inside. Glass doors also allow light into the building. There are a number of different commercial glass doors to choose from. If you are building or remodeling you will want to take some time to learn about the different types of glass doors available before making your decision.


Tempered glass, which is also called toughened glass or safety glass, is a type of glass that has been strengthened by chemical or thermal treatments. When it does break, it breaks into small cube-like pieces instead of large jagged ones. This glass, then, is more secure and safer.


Broken Laminated GlassLaminated glass is another type of safety glass that, when it is shattered, instead of falling out of its frame, is held together by an interlayer. This type of glass is generally used in places where there is greater risk of impact, such as car windshields.


Wired glass was formerly used as a type of safety glass, but this is no longer so because of the way it breaks. However, it is used for its fire resistant qualities. So, for a commercial door that is fire resistant, this might be a good choice.


Tinted glass doors are a good choice for energy efficiency. Glass doors are often used to let light into the building and to increase visibility. However, they can also let in a lot of heat, which can cause the air conditioner to work over time. Tinting your glass doors will reduce the amount of heat that enters the building while still allowing light to enter. This is a great option especially if you have a door that faces east or west.


Glass doors are typically set into steel or aluminum frames, but the real classy glass doors are all glass and come without frames.

Choosing Your Commercial Glass Door

If you are looking for a commercial glass door that is right for you, it would be to your advantage to enlist the help of an expert. Take some time to find a good commercial door installer in your area. Many of these installers offer a variety of commercial glass doors. They can help you determine which door will best suit your needs.

Feel free to contact us, The Door Doctors. We are experienced in selling, installing, repairing or maintaining both automatic and manual commercial doors. We can help you find the right glass door for your needs.

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