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Do You Need a Handicap Door?

There is a lot that goes into owning a business. Whether you are buying, building, or remodeling, you have a number of things to consider. One question to ask yourself is, "what kind of entrances or exits would be most efficient for my business and will I need to install any handicap doors?"

You are required by law to have at least one easy to access entrance to your building on the ground floor. This does not have to be an actual handicap door. However handicap doors do allow for easy access to your building. Furthermore, you can solve a number of potential traffic issues by having an automatic or handicap door.

A traditional handicap door opens when a push plate or button is pushed. You can also choose to install an automatic door, which opens when approached. Some automatic doors slide open while others swing open. Sliding doors are a favorite because these allow multiple people to enter and exit at the same time and don’t require swing clearance.

Other Things to Consider

  • Traffic flow: If you have many people entering and exiting your building, you might want large automatic doors or several entrances.
  • Appearance: If you have an attractive business, glass doors will enhance the attraction.
  • Privacy: For some businesses, such as a psychiatry clinic, privacy is essential. This can be secured with an attractive wooden door, or with a tinted glass door.
  • Security: If your business requires heavy security, a metal door might be your best option.

When it comes to commercial doors, you have many options, and it pays to take the time to determine which door is best for your business. Whether you are building or remodeling, why not call a commercial door company that is approved by the Better Business Bureau? And if your business happens to be in the Denver metro area, give The Door Doctors a call. We sell and install manual and automatic doors and door openeners and we are  rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. 

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