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Advantages of Automatic Revolving Doors

Automatic revolving doors generally come with 2 to 4 wings, depending on the business needs. The two wing revolver is designed for gurneys and large deliveries. The three wing works well for wheelchairs, parents with children or people carrying luggage or packages. The automatic revolving doors have all the great advantages that the manual revolving doors boast, which are:

    • Energy Efficient: The most attractive feature with revolving doors is that they are always open to clients and, at the same time, always closed to weather! This is a significant energy saver.
    • Prevent drafts: When employees must stand near the entrance they are continually assaulted by drafts as customers enter and exit the building. This can cause much sick leave and job turnover. A door that is always closed, can’t let in drafts. 
    • Keeps out Noise: This would be attractive to serious businesses or businesses where quiet is essential but are situated in areas of town where there is a lot of activity. Banks, law firms, libraries, schools, etc. don’t tolerate noisy distractions. Revolving doors are always closed even as people are coming in.
    • Hinder wind, snow, sand, dust and debris: This is attractive for businesses whether they have opened business in “the windy city” of Chicago or whether they are situated in the small towns of the flat desert country of the south west, where sand and dust blow freely. Revolving doors will reduce energy and maintenance costs, as well as relieve the eyes of both clients and employees alike.

When revolving doors are automatic they have some additional benefits:

    • Hands free: Clients and employees carrying children or packages can concentrate on what they are holding rather than juggling them to manipulate the entrance. The disabled can easily enter and exit them.
    • Customized controls: The doors can be programmed to correspond to your building traffic; f.ex. they can be programmed for speed to prevent the doors from spinning too fast, risking injury. 
    • Sensors: Sensors start the door revolving when a person approaches and stop it when the person exits or when there is an obstruction.
    • Security: 
      • Businesses that require ID cards for employees only, have doors that fit only one person, so no-one can tailgate in (these would be generally be 4 wing doors). 
      • Airports, theme parks and other businesses use them for their exits to prevent people from entering through the common exit doors and thereby avoiding security or entrance fees. 
      • Sensors detect objects that have been put or tossed into the door to be pushed through to the secure side of the building.

If you think you might benefit from installing a revolving door, automatic or manual, be sure you call a reputable installer. If you have a door that needs servicing or repair and are in the Denver Metropolitan area, why not call The Door Doctors? We repair all kinds of revolving doors and we have earned an A+ rating with the Denver Better Business Bureau.

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