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A Storefront to Enhance Business

Your storefront is the first impression many people get of your business. First impressions are generally considered the most important. If your storefront façade looks shabby and unattractive, people will walk by indifferent or even annoyed. If your storefront looks neat and inviting, people coming by will tend to be curious and wonder if and how your business can benefit them.  

Most storefronts are found on the ground floor and include the main entrance of a business or building. But storefronts can also be found within a building that houses multiple businesses.

If you are renovating and considering replacing your old storefront, or if you are building a new place of business, spend some time to think, "What kind of storefront would enhance my business?"

•    For the type of business requires that privacy, a classy carved wood door set into a neat brick storefront with a high window works well. Businesses such as psychological, legal, or medical, often have a row of near-the-ceiling windows in their lobbies to make the lobby bright and inviting while it conceals the people inside. A glass door with shaded windows, one or two sidelights and a handicap operator are also often used for these types of businesses.


•    But notice how retail stores usually have huge windows? Both entrance doors and walls are glass often from ground to ceiling. These kinds of storefronts protect the employees, customers and wares from the elements, while still attracting customers’ attention to what’s inside. By changing the display often with colorful, yet classy and attractively arranged wares, people’s attention remain focused on the store. 


•    Hospitals and nursing homes are in the business of making people who are suffering comfortable. Their main entrances open into a reception lobby with waiting areas. In this case, a closed brick storefront may add to a prospective patients’ feeling of fear of not knowing what lies ahead and increase the anxiety in anticipation of upcoming unfamiliar treatment, surgery or senior living. Instead, an all-glass storefront displaying and opening into an inviting, comfortable and attractive lobby will help to relax prospective patients and clients and may even cause them to look forward to passing through the doors.


Most businesses will want automatic closers on their doors. Other than that, the kind of doors you choose for your storefront will depend on how much room you have and the amount and the kind of traffic you expect. If, for example, the room that your entrance opens into is somewhat crowded, such as a small “Ma and Pa” grocery store, you may want sliding or folding doors. If your customers will generally come in or leave with their hands full, you may want automatic doors. If the doors open from the outside into a large room of over 3,000 square feet, you will be required to have either a revolving door or a vestibule to conserve energy.

With many considerations and likely many questions to be answered, you will want to contact a company experienced in putting in storefronts who can work with you to find the right, attractive solutions for your business. Make sure the business is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

If your business happens to be in the Denver Metropolitan Area, feel free to call The Door Doctors for answers to your storefront questions. We sell, install, repair or maintain both manual and automatic storefronts, and we are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

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